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The first post of 2016

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No New Years post this year?  Not a peep until January 4th of 2016?  Wow, the blogger here is really falling down on the job!

Ah yes, we’re now well into 2016 and I’m finally getting around to posting for the first time this year.  The past few months have been challenging to say the least, but we’re looking forward to a bright 2016 indeed.

I wish I was south of here…..

Milky way, Prescott Landscape Photographer Rich Charpentier

I wouldn’t mind a few nights in a remote spot for a few more Milky Way photos

2016 is starting out with warnings of snow storms here in Prescott, Arizona.  And believe me, I’ve been wanting to hitch up the Airstream and head south.  You know, where it’s warmer?  Yeah, I’m tired of having cold feet.

Unfortunately, travel is based on business right now.  And my next client is right here in the Prescott area.  The business he owns is based out of Phoenix, AZ., so I got super excited thinking I’d have to pull the Airstream down there.  But as it turns out he lives in the area, and we’ll be meeting right here.

Please someone in the Phoenix, Tucson, or Yuma area…..give us a call!  We’re wishing for clients in warm places!  🙂

Remember May, June and July of last year?  We were working with customers in southern Arizona.  It was way too hot to be down there.  Now that the temperatures have changed the phone calls are coming in from cold places instead of warm ones.  Seriously, we’re in opposite land here!

The 2016 Airstream Travel Season

Currently we have no set plans for 2016.  With luck we’ll see the Airstream on the road more than it was last year.  As our business grows and evolves it’s pretty clear that we do awesome work that really impacts our clients.  So with luck and good word of mouth we’re looking forward to more new clients in the coming year, and clients who are calling from the right temperature zones at the right time of year!

How would I like it to go?  Hmmmm…..  Maybe a new customer end of January in Yuma?  And then another in the area for February?  March we’d be happy to visit southern Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California.  Then somewhere around May I’d enjoy a call from Utah.  Maybe Wyoming or Montana for June & July?  Oh yeah, a man can dream!

Will any of that happen?  Who knows.  But I promise to update more often here in 2016.  The blog fell off the map for the end of last year, and it’s time I start creating new content here once more!

Happy 2016 everyone!  I’ll look forward to sharing more this year.

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