Frantic day, fun photos, and unwinding at the Airstream

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Today was one of those manic days.  A short deadline for George Molnar’s largest print yet, several other customers with canvas, a ton of gloss, meeting with a few clients for proofs…..then throw a photo shoot in over at the Elks Theater for good measure, and follow it up with wrapping up at the gallery and some additional clients.  Yeah, another day running.

Keep em coming!  I live for this kind of pace!

Finally tonight I really got to look through the shots at the Elks.  I’m happy to say that out of 106 frames I found more than 10% to be worth dealing with.  Actually 26 really stood out.  25%…..okay by me.  And for the frantic pace of the day, not to mention the last few weeks, all good with me!

Several weeks ago a very nice couple popped by the gallery.  They were looking to do some new portraits.  As it turned out, they’re involved with the Elks Theater and wanted to do some period specific outfits to go with the creation of the Elks.  I perked up at that thought and asked them if they’d like to do the shots at the Elks.  They were more than kind enough to indulge me.  So, I’d been looking forward to this photo shoot for a while.

Of course, at the time I had no idea that I’d be so darned busy!  But hey, that just makes you work harder!  🙂

At 1:00 p.m. Carlos Benjamin and I showed up at the Elks and started setting up.  Several different venues to shoot.  Two 430 EX II’s and a 580 EXII, radio poppers, soft box, and a few umbrellas.  I’m so glad Carlos was able to come along and help out.  Moving all the lighting around alone wouldn’t have worked so well.  Carlos, you rock!  Thanks.

We spent about an hour and a half moving locations.  The clients wanted some shots on stage, and I think some really great images came out of that set.  Personally, I had an image in mind when I first met them.  And I think it came across nicely.

Of course, I still have more reviewing to do.  And after reviewing a little more post processing.  But that’s all good by me.  This is part of what I enjoy so much about my business.  😉

Almost the exact image I had in mind when we first talked. A theater for two.....

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