Happy Thanksgiving from the Airstream Chronicle Continued

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Happy Thanksgiving all!  I hope you have a great and relaxed day with family and friends.  And for you shoppers out there…….take the day to enjoy yourself.  This Black Friday madness is just going too far.

Last year at this time I was getting the Airstream ready to roll out to Marietta, OH.  A contract with an old friend held the promise of getting out of debt and rebuilding some capital.  In addition to that, it also offered the opportunity to use some of my more neglected skills (database design, network design, being an engineer again).  I remember the mad dash across the country right after Thanksgiving to get out there…..and today I’m very thankful to be parked in the Dells once more. Finally, I’m very thankful for the job, and thankful for my good friend Tom who made it all happen.

I’m also very thankful to have the opportunity to do my own thing again.  It’s not the gallery business or studio business, and I’m thankful to be done with all of that as well.  I’ll still keep shooting of course, and sharing here.

Well, off the net now.  It’s time to put tasty treats together, over indulge, watch sci-fi movies all day, and call family and friends.

If you’re desperate to shop today, you can always stop by Magcloud and pick up my two published volumes of images today.  It will quench your shopping desire, but keep you at home safe from the crowds!



PAZ Volume II - Favorite Landscapes

By Richard Charpentier

96 pages, published 10/7/2013

Favorite images from 2007 through 2012. Landscapes from Arizona and Southern Utah.

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