Airstream at Organ Pipe National Monument

Heads up for all Prescott Photo walkers (and all worldwide Photo walkers)

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Maybe you don’t read Scott Kelby’s blog all the time. You’ve got more of a life than I do. Fine, throw me under the bus with thoughts like that…..I can take it! 🙂

This morning I read with amazement that Kelby is offering something more!  One free month of KelbyTraining online.  Huh?

Yup, they’re offering everyone of the photo walkers a free month of access to Kelby’s Training website.  Let me tell you, I paid for my one year subscription a few months ago.  I haven’t watched every video yet.  Totally ashamed on that one, but there’s a lot to watch there.  I will say this.  What I have watched so far made my membership fee seem miniscule.  The training at Kelby Training is fantastic.  Think you can’t figure out Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, Layers, HDR….etc, etc?  If so, take advantage of the free one month membership.  Heck, take a week off from work and overdosoe on the training.  It’s that good.

And no, I don’t work for Scott Kelby, any of his sites, etc.  I’m just blown away by an amazing offer to so many people participating in the photo walk.  If I wasn’t already a subscriber you can bet I’d be taking advantage of the offer!

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