Hello Change…..I thought we wouldn’t see each other for a while

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Change happens all the time.  And once again, it’s happening in my life……..

I’m sitting in an office right now waiting for a tutorial video to finish compiling.  It’s a video guide for utilizing a database I designed this year.  And while I’m waiting for things to get compressed I thought it would be good to update the blog.

Yesterday I gave my 2 week notice where I’m contracting.  So yes, this change has been instigated by me and me alone.  My initial idea was to stay on this contract for a few years, bank some cash, and then buy a home again somewhere.  But due to things I’m not going to write about today I made the decision to move along sooner than expected.

Great Rich…..more change…….ah well, move on.

While I’m putting myself through a little upheaval again, I think it will be all for the best.

What’s coming next you ask?  Well, I’m not spilling the beans yet.  I will say this……come November 1st, 2013 this blog is going to be active again.  Very active.

My suggestion?  Keep watching.  A sneak peak will show up here on October 1st.  Yeah, I’m building suspense.  And regular readers will like it, I’m sure.

Okay, off to check if the next video chapter compressed properly……

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