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halo-1I’m dry because I’m wind blown…….

Sorry, couldn’t resist being a little wise!  See, the winds here are BLOWING like Borrego.  Zowie!

Last night I popped by Bill & Larry’s trailer to say farewell.  When I’m on the road I always get rolling early, and I figured everyone would be fast asleep when I pulled out of Borrego Springs.

Surprisingly, right as I was about to head out this morning I saw Larry walking along with the dogs in my side view mirror.  Up early for sure!

The GPS calculated the distance home.  300 mile range, but I take a detour around part of Route 89.  If you’ve ever driven it you know, “DON’T TOW UP IT.”  Just a bit too much with the curves, turns, and drop offs.  So, I cut around through Skull Valley.

Still, the GPS gave me a good idea of how long it would take to get home.  About 5 and a half hours.  Don’t forget rest stops, gas ups, slower traffic, 55Mph in CA for trailers in tow, etc.  In the end I arrived home after 2 p.m. Mountain Time.

Yes, I’m tired.  Yes, the Airstream is tucked back into it’s spot.  Yes, I’m reorganizing once more.

And yes, I enjoyed the trip.  Seeing all of my friends was a big bonus as well.  🙂

Now comes the big task.  Sorting photos.  Seriously, I’ve got a ton to sort.  Flowers, wide open HDRs, panoramic setups, portrait shots, lizzard photos, and more.  The whole process is making me want a nap!

I’d say over the next week I’ll be sharing some of the photos I took while in Borrego.  Not all of them though.  Some have to remain a mystery……..

lillytwo-1I do have a show on the 27th of March, remember?  Yup, some new shots will be shown then and only then!

Good to be home.  I’ll resume blogging next Monday.  I need a rest!

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