How to burn 20+ Gigs in 2 days

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Simple.  Crank up some strobes, grab some models, find a parking lot, and finally start shooting.

I reviewed our results from the location shoots from last week. A 16 GB card and the better part of and 8GB card.  That’s just from the 5D Mark II.  I also off loaded one of Chris M’s cards Friday night.  He’s got a 7D.  A little less on the megapixels than my 5D, but heavy enough on them to count too.

The sorting has begun.  In the end, the client wants all the RAW files.  That’s a lot of DVDs, let me tell you.  Still, I’m sorting all of the garbage out.  You know.  Strobes didn’t pop, finger on the lens, flies on the lens, etc.  🙂  That will help a little.  But the number of shots they wanted will still rank in the gigabytes no problem.  We can eliminate the real total garbage!

On other fronts

Today I ran 8 large Optica One prints, 5 Chromata White Canvas Prints, and did in fact get to test out LexJet’s Sunset Metallic.  The metallic is pretty nice.  I did not get to finish up so many other things I had on my mind.  Normally Monday is a day off, but somehow I think that’s a thing of the past……..

How many gigs of memory have you burned up this week?  Go out and do some shooting folks!  And have fun!

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