I knew I checked my web stats for a reason!

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Sometimes though I’m not sure why I do it.  Just a lot of information about who referred readers here, what countries are visiting my site, etc.  I don’t go into the depth and detail that I used to, but I skim the stats and refers on a daily basis.

On my most recent look into the site statistics I found a gem.  Somebody from a Model Railroad Forum had popped a link into this blog.  How strange, a model railroad forum linking to this blog?  Really?  Whatever for?

Remember Dot’s Diner’s twin diner in Winslow Arizona? Yeah, the diner that I’d love to rescue and give a good home to?  Well, the folks over at the model railroad forum have also run across the diner.  Guess someone is pondering the creation of a model of that building!  Extremely cool!

Not only did the folks over at the model railroad forum link to this site, they linked to several others.  Of course, I followed the links.

Turns out the Highway Diner and Dot’s Diner are “Valentines.”  Built in Kansas for decades, Valentine Diners were all over the country.  Now today, they’re history, and the history is fading fast.

In total, I’ve bookmarked 8 new sites that I need to visit further.  I want to know more about the Valentines.  I want to know more about the remaining diners.  And of course, I’d like to go out and photograph those that are still operating.

See, there is value in seeing where your traffic comes from.  To the members of the Model Railroad Forum, thanks for the visit, and for the additional information about a favorite topic.

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  1. I check our web stats pretty often too and I have to agree with you that it always interesting to see what you find out. I didn’t realize that Valentine diners were made in Kansas? That is where I am from. I will have to research that more. And the snow ball of following links and interest in the Valentine diners continues!

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