I know the answer to the question, I just can’t raise my hand……

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If we were sitting in a classroom today and the instructor asked a question that I knew the answer to, I’d be the annoying guy in class.  I’d be doing the “Oooh, ooh, I know, I know…..” while bouncing up and down in my seat.  I would not politely raise my hand and wait to be called on.  See, I can’t raise my hand right now.  Heck, I can barely type…..

Recently I made the decision to really get back into shape again.  I know, I hike, I go to strange places with my camera…..I must be in okay shape for a man of 38.  True, I look around at my peers and don’t feel too bad, but I’ve been wanting more.

Ever since my medical issue resolved a little over 6 months ago I’ve been feeling better and better.  Like my old self.  Like right before I got sick at the age of 33.  And so I’ve been trying to pick up at 33 even though I’m now 38 and more sedentary than I used to be.  Enthusiasm will get you so far, but when you put foot to pavement you might learn something.

In my case, I’ve learned that rebuilding will take a little time, effort, and pain.  Right now I’m experiencing the pain part.

Without thinking, I went out paddling for more than 3 hours on Sunday.  It was tons of fun and not grueling.  Of course, getting the kayak back on the roof of the truck after all that paddling was a bit of a challenge.  What I forgot was that I would be starting a new training program this week.  Yup, for the first time ever I’ve willingly entered a gym!

It used to be that hiking and climbing and all the rest was enough to keep me in the shape I wanted to be in.  But after 5 years of not feeling my best, the whole raging infection that got overlooked by the medical community, getting myself back to me is going to take a little extra assistance.  Well, that’s the conclusion I reached any how.  So, I had a conversation with the folks at the Prescott Quality of Life Center and they agreed to give me a hand!

I started my resistance training this week and learned something…..

  • Don’t go paddling the day before your training starts.
  • Don’t plan on lifting anything heavier than a fork after you start a program like this.
  • Don’t tell the trainer to push you hard.  They will.
  • Don’t expect to be able to dress yourself easily the next day……..

On the positive side, my legs which are already in good shape don’t hurt at all.  On the negative?  Yeah, I can feel every muscle in me from the waist up.  And I cannot raise my hand to answer a question even if I wanted to.  🙂

Finally, I just wanted to say…… 6 MONTHS OF NORMAL BLOOD WORK!  Yeah yeah!  Now it’s time to start recovering what I’d lost.  Wish me luck in this new venture, I’m going to need it.  Oh, I’ll also need people to hold doors open for me for the next few weeks.  Those things are heavy!  🙂

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  1. I’m so happy to hear that you’re still doing well, Rich! Your whole saga has been a sober reminder to me that while the medical experts are a good resource they are not the all-knowing hand of God, and it pays to follow up with personal investigation and pursuit of where that investigation points you. Glad you’re doing well, and the print business as well!

  2. Congrats on the six month mark on your blood work. Glad to see you back and better than I’ve ever seen ya. Now tell your trainer your legs didn’t hurt and see what they can do for ya… 🙂

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