I might not be hiking the AT…..but I am in an Airstream!

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And I’m still working pretty darned hard!

Today has been a long, and very productive day.  Yesterday was too.  It was so long and productive that I totally neglected to write anything here.  For shame, for shame.  But writing here doesn’t get the bills paid.  Working on someone else’s website does.  So priorities have to be set, and sometimes this blog gets neglected.  But here I am today getting a little post up.

I absolutely love the sign outside the Hiker Hostel entrance!

I absolutely love the sign outside the Hiker Hostel entrance!

Working with Hiker Hostel

We’ve been here since Saturday night and work is moving forward!  The old site had been around for over a decade, and it was time for a change.  So Josh & Leigh got in touch this Spring and we arranged to get to Georgia after we wrapped up in Massachusetts.

I have to say, Hiker Hostel is an impressive business.  Josh & Leigh took something they loved and turned it into their livelihood!  That doesn’t mean they’re skating on easy street.  In fact, running their Hostel is beyond a full time job.  Let’s see, what do they do?

  • Breakfast ready for their guests at 7 a.m.  Hmmmm…..I wonder what time they get up?
  • Shuttling guests from Atlanta to Dahlonega.
  • Shuttling guests to and from the trail.
  • Hosting group training events.
  • Answering reservation requests.
  • Making sure their guests are happy and healthy.
  • And so much more.
Now that's a cabin!

Now that’s a cabin!

Yeah, the Hiker Hostel is a labor of love to be sure.  And these two are the right people to do it.  Both avid outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, cyclists, travelers, and more.  I admire what they’ve built.

So, the next time you’re in the Dahlonega area, stop on in and stay a while at the Hiker Hostel!

A running stream in Georgia

A running stream in Georgia

  • Date:  8/14/14
  • Camped at:  Turner’s Campsites
  • Fee:  $31.50 per night
  • Month total Camping:  $512.00
  • Average Nightly Cost:  $36.57
  • Mileage:  0


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