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Well, we’re coming up on the 2013 Senior school year.  And this year I’m actually looking for 4 senior representatives in the Tri-City area.  I was actually looking for 5, but we already found our first.

This will be R.L. Charpentier Photography and Waking Dream Studio’s first Senior search.  And for those lucky few high school seniors, we’re going to have a lot of fun!

An on location photo shoot in downtown Prescott. We’ve got a lot of options locally!

What’s in it for our models?

Good question, and right to the point.  Each senior model will receive:

  • A free portrait session with the photographer and one lighting assistant.  We can do location shoots in Northern Arizona, in studio work, and of course composite work as well.
  • Free prints for our senior models.
  • Free senior rep cards.
  • A DVD slideshow of your favorite images.
  • Facebook image postings to share with family and friends.
  • An online gallery of select images to share with anyone you’d like.

Pretty sweet deal eh?  Of course, there’s something we’ll want in return.

Zach, class of 2012. An in studio composite session, the background added in after the shoot.

The 5 selected Senior Models will be representatives of our studio.  They’ll be our ambassadors to the 2013 Senior Class.  And we’d hope after an amazing portrait session that you’d really get out there and tell your friends about what we can do for them!  We’ll also have a nice incentive program for getting referrals into us, and we’ll discuss that in person if you decide to be one of our reps this year!

Of course, we’ll also be using your images for our own website and portfolio, and in future advertising materials.  So yes, it’s not something for nothing, but we know you’ll love what you get out of your end of the deal so much!

Got what it takes to be a Senior Model?

If you’d love to have your own custom location shoot, and you think you have what it takes to represent our studio, feel free to drop us a note on our contact page.  Be sure to put in the Subject line, “Senior Model 2013.” And be sure to have your parent’s permission before you contact us (let them give this a read through).  Tell us a little about yourself, what you enjoy doing in and out of school, and what you’d like to do for your portrait session.

Of course, you’ll need your parent’s permission to become a senior model for us.  And if you’re selected we’ll have a sit down design consultation with your parents as well.  We’ve got to make sure we get some pictures they want of you too you know!  😉

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