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I’ll be back at a favorite spot! And yes, it will be chilly!

I’ve been asked, “Why go back to the same place several times over?”  Are you kidding, really?  If you can get back to a favorite location and you feel that you can do a better job next time around, why not return?  I mean, that’s part of your own learning process in photography, no?

This particular trip up is the “dry run” for next month’s White Pocket Workshop.  I’ll be doing two in total this year.  And if you’re interested in the workshop signing up now rather than later would be the right thing to do.  3 people per workshop, that’s the limit on White Pocket.  I want it to be an enjoyable and educational process for all involved, and keeping the group size small is one of the keys to it in my mind!

So, look forward to new takes on a familiar spot next week.  And look forward to reading it on another site beyond this one……ah, leaving a little suspense!

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  1. Wow, Rich, wow! Sadly we’re leaving the Anza Borrego area and must head home with some things unaccomplished. I wanted to join you at White Pocket, particularly after seeing more of your work from that area, but will have to defer to another time.

  2. You’ve got at least one jealous guy out here wishing they could be in the passenger seat for that one! I’ll pray for happy, puffy clouds, and put in a request for some more kick-butt moon lite shoots.

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