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Those jumping Cholla will get you!

Put another way, dry camping again. This time though the Airstream isn’t in CA. It’s in AZ. And again, on a really cool plot of BLM land that not many people know about. Honestly, I’m reluctant to even say where this site is…….you know, to keep the traffic here down.

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A retro antiqued Airstream sunset photo.

Right now the Airstream is parked in a Saguaro and Cholla forest. All around me are “Teddy Bear Cholla.” The teddy bears are one of my favorite types of cactus, but you’ve got to be really careful around them. They drop their little “branches” off which are all over the ground here. Step into one and you’ll know it. And pulling the spines is time consuming and painful.

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A one hour Airstream star trail

The Saguaros here look better than any I’ve seen throughout Arizona. Even going to the Saguaro Park in Tucson pales in comparison to the Saguaro forest. Basically, these look SUPER HEALTHY!


Enjoying photographing with the DJI Phantom and the GoPro

For the next three days I’ll be camped out in the Arizona desert. The photographic opportunities here are beyond comparison, so I figure it’s time to take advantage of a few days off and go nuts with the camera once again!


This is dry camping!

This post and the others that follow it aren’t likely to hit the net until we get to Black Canyon City this weekend. So, you’ll be reading history by the time this one makes it up. That’s okay, there are a lot of good pictures to go with the post!


Written 2-26-14

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