Into the Dells once again

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Well, not a surprise.  I mean, I live in the Dells and all.  So every day I go into the Dells.

What a lame title.

Last night I popped over to Watson Lake Park.  Meeting a family for a quick “Giant Family” portrait.  They just needed one good shot.  The whole family together in Prescott.  Normally many members are off in other places.  A 7 p.m. shoot was scheduled, and we got started promptly at about 7:10……heh.

Before the family arrived I had an opportunity to shoot around.  Getting ready for another important photo set in the Dells on August 20th.  Should be fun.  And yup, no other hints there.

The evening was perfect.  Storm clouds breaking up, the golden hour light on the rocks.  What an extremely dramatic scene.

Now this is an unedited straight out of the camera image.  I set up for some HDRs, but this is pretty darned cool on it’s own.  Shot with the 5D Mark II, the 70-200 f/4 IS lens, and under exposed by 1 stop in Aperture Priority mode.Pretty cool scene, eh?  It’s in places like the Granite Dells that I remember why I like photography.  Having a photography / printing business you sometimes lose sight of the joy it gives you.  But last night reminded me.  I do like doing this.

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