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Ah yes, yesterday lacked any type of posting.  The morning found me working on price lists, reviewing papers, sending off tax information, and a few other totally boring activities.  I guess this is the next phase (for this week at least).

So, what’s in store for the gallery?  What do I need to do?

  • Create print price lists.  The lists are not small.  There’s a lot of types of paper out there you know!
  • Design some new poster layouts for some of my work.
  • Create several more sets of cards clients have requested.  Sadira’s Halloween cards are done!
  • Contact my rep for credit card processing.
  • Set up yet another bank account.
  • Set up a meeting with my future accountant (how’s Thursday sound?).

I bet you’re wondering, what’s up with the poster layouts?  Well, I’ll fill you in.

I’ll be setting up a new template for larger format posters this week.  What I took away from our huge launch this weekend was that people really like my prints, but not necssarily always framed prints.  My small 5×7 matted prints went like crazy.  I’m thinking some 11×17 and 13×19 poster prints might be nice as well.

They’re also cheaper because I don’t have to deal with the full matting and framing!

I also need to have more copies of some popular prints on hand.  Several Granite Dells prints flew out, and I’m currently out of them.  I need to make more of the popular prints to have ready.  Sunday morning I had to say 3 times, “Sorry, we sold out of that one last night, but I can make another this week.”

Way to market Rich!  Don’t have what the customer wants on hand!  Oooooh, the sarcasim!

So, there’s where I’m at.  As I develop some new setups I’ll share them here, and I’ll share how they were created (ie. some Photoshop talk finally).

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  1. Have enjoyed your site over the last few years. Congratulations on your new gallery and the great opening success. We are coming to Prescott in late October. What is the address of your gallery? Where is the best place in town to get (a) breakfast and (b) supper?

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