Invasive species – aka The Swan

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This morning after getting up I headed outside with the 7D and the 70-200mm lens.  I do this every morning.  You never know what will be waiting outside…..chipmunks, squirrels, ducks, geese, etc…..

When I went down to the dock I saw a large bird flying by.  All white.  A swan in flight.  Now swans don’t normally live here, but sometimes random species show up on a lake.  And the swan has been getting fed by people.  So I think it’s going to stick around.

What I didn’t realize while watching it was that the swam spotted me too!  It swung around, landed in the water, and made a bee line for the dock I was sitting on.  I have a feeling that this bird associates people with free food.  So it swam right up to me to say hi……and see what’s on the menu today.  For my part, nothing was on the menu.  No I’m not stingy.  People often feed the animals on the lake, and it often causes problems.  I remember getting attacked by a Canadian Goose when I was little.  That thing bit the tar out of me!  So yeah, I don’t feed the animals.

IMG_2303The swan sure did pose well for me.  I got a great series of shots before I felt it was getting too close.  I think it was going to come up on shore to beg for food a little more forcefully.  And like I said, I’ve been bitten by a goose before.  So I retreated up the hill to the picnic table……  And the swan just sat in the front of the dock hoping I was getting it a treat.

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