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IPads and Airstreams

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The first page of apps on my IPad

Every day I’m full time in the Airstream I thank my lucky stars for today’s technology.  Without it I couldn’t work remote, and I certainly would have run out of space in the Airstream by now.

With today’s technology you can bring so much along in a small amount of space.  Movies, books, music, point of sales systems, games, invoicing systems, tutorials, and so much more.  All in the space of one book.  The IPad that’s with me (for years now) covers so much.

Books alone make it worthwhile

During my time in Prescott running my studio and gallery business I did a lot of training for photography.  Scott Kelby’s training online and in print is second to none.  And I had accumulated quite a collection of books that I stored at my gallery.  There was no room for them in the Airstream.  Seriously, absolutely no room.

When I finally got my IPad I didn’t immediately start loading books.  I used it for my portfolio display.  Nothing like having your portrait sessions right on the IPad to show potential customers.  After a few months of owning the IPad I decided to try Kindle for IPad.  And you know what I found?

All of the Kelby books available for download!

When I left Prescott in 2012 I actually gave away all of my printed books to an aspiring photographer in town who couldn’t afford the books yet.  The ones I really needed were already on my IPad.  Two milk crates worth of books (super heavy) all on my IPad!  Yeah, I’m sold.


So, what’s on my IPad you ask?

Oh, there’s plenty on my IPad.  Let’s run down the list of the things I use ever so often….

  • The Calendar – I use this for appointments, reminders, etc.  It syncs to my computers and IPhone.  So I don’t miss appointments.
  • Videos – I have several favorite movies on the IPad, and can stream the rest from my Macbook Pro.  No running around with a million DVDs in the Airstream.  My media library is on my Drobo, and backed up to a portable drive as well.
  • Light It Magazine – A digital only publication from Scott Kelby.  If you want the magazine, it’s IPad only.  Absolutely love Light It!
  • WordPress – I watch my blog and websites from the WordPress App on my IPhone and IPad.  Even if I’m not at the computer I can approve comments, check stats, etc.
  • Social Media Apps – Facebook, Twitter, etc.  They’re all on there.
  • Holdem – Occasionally I like to pretend I know how to play poker.
  • Easy Release – A simple model release app that I use whenever I do a photo shoot.
  • Xtrafolio – My portfolio system that I can show potential clients.
  • Register – My credit card processor when I’m out and about.
  • Invoice to Go – For generating quick invoices in the field, love this app!
  • Kindle for IPad – Oh yeah, if you like reading this is it!  Currently I have 37 books on this.
  • Zinio – Another magazine reader.  I use it to read Photoshop User Magazine.  Got my copies digitally so they’re always with me.
  • Good Reader – The best PDF reader I’ve seen.
  • Teamspeak – Yes, I game occasionally.  Great way to chat with all your friends.
  • Hulu – TV on the go.
  • Netflix – Yup, TV on the go.
  • Tune In Radio – Stream radio from across the country.
  • Voice Recorder HD – I really need to use this more often.  It’s so useful.
  • Allstays – On the IPhone and IPad.  Great way to find a park for the night.
  • USFS & BLM Campgrounds – This app is a new find.  Tons of free boondocking for a whopping dollar!
  • Spotify – I need to keep up with the latest music trends too.
  • GoPro – It is so cool to run the GoPro from my phone or tablet!
  • Filemaker Go – I still make databases you know.


There are more apps on my IPad, but that’s my top hit list.  The space savings in books and magazines alone makes it so worthwhile full timing.  Everything else is just a bonus.

This totally inspired post came about as I was reading a magazine on the IPad this morning and thought to myself, “This thing is so darned useful!”


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