An Airstream G11 Experiment

It’s already May!

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An Airstream G11 Experiment

An Airstream G11 Experiment

Here we are, 5 months into 2015.  Time does go too quickly sometimes.

I missed posting yesterday as I spent the entire day on an epic quest to find more RV Parks that need their websites overhauled.  And I’ve found plenty of parks where I was focused yesterday, but we’ll have to wait and see if any respond.   In my mind, if you’re in a popular location / destination, every advantage offered to you should be taken.  The region I was investigating yesterday has over 10 parks in the area, and two of the parks dominated the front page of Google.  The rest were relegated to Google pages 2-4.  So letters were generated yesterday and they all hit the mail.

Yes, we’re sending out snail mail.  We send out e-mail inquiries too, but you never know if they hit the spam folder, or just get deleted immediately.  We’ll see how the snail mail works.

Early morning in the Granite Dells

Early morning in the Granite Dells

The G11 experiment has started

I have started into my week of shooting with only the G11.  The first image in this post is from yesterday.  The last two are from this morning.  I’ve used the G11 here and there, but never got really comfortable with it.  And starting out?  Yeah, I’m not feeling super enthused.

While the G11 is capable of doing RAW images, I just have a hard time getting the light balance right in images.  With my DSLR’s I can easily do some selective focusing and metering to get what I want.  When I’m in the Aperture priority mode with the G11?  I have one point of focus.  Looks like I need to do some reading when I’m in modes like that, or even in fully manual.

I picked up the G11 years ago for a “grab and go,” camera that wasn’t so bulky, and could still provide me with RAW images.  What I’ve found over the years playing with the camera is that I like the “full auto” results better than other modes.  Balancing lights and darks with it is a challenge.  But I now have an entire week to experiment and learn.

Laundry day

Well, I’ve got 12 minutes before the Saturday rush for the laundry room happens.  And I’m going to win this contest!  I’ve got a full laundry bag taking too much space in the Airstream.  Time to clean some clothes and make some room!

Granite Mountain

Cool clouds in the sky this morning, and Granite Mountain looks great!


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