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5d-1Several days ago I placed an order for a new camera body.  Yup, the 5D.  Tom guessed right!

What I didn’t guess is that it would be here so soon.  Everybody’s been waiting on this one, ordering them in hasn’t been super easy, I’ve heard it all.  So, the UPS box that was waiting for me yesterday was more than a surprise!

If you think I’ll have insigths on this camera in a day, think again.  Sure, I usually tear into new technology, but I’ve barely scratched the surface on the capabilities of the camera.  I can say a few things……

  • After getting used to the 40D’s button configuration on the back of the camera I now have to get used to buttons being on the left once more instead of the bottom of the camera.  Basically, the Playback button, Info button, and the rest are on the left of the video screen.
  • My ADEP selector is not on the 5D.  Instead there’s a Bulb selector and a CA selector.  I like the bulb selector better than how I’ve setup bulb shots on the 40D and the 30D.  The CA (Creative Auto Shooting) seems to contain my ADEP, but it’s all automatic from there.  Not sure I’ll ever use that selector.
  • I can still create 3 custom shooting functions on the mode selector.  So I immediately re-created my 3 favorite shooting settings that I use on my 40D.
  • My file sizes are HUGE.  My average file size for a RAW image on the 40D was 11.3 Megabytes.  Big.  Now with the 21MP camera the average RAW file size is running in the 21 MB range.  Woah.  Just cut my card capacity in a big way.  My 8GB card can hold 289 RAW images on this camera.  Basically on the 40D I could hold twice that much.
  • I do have the option to set different RAW sizes.  I could shoot at a lower MP and get more shooting space out of the cards at the expense of MP.  I’ll think on that.
  • This camera has a video mode.  I don’t know if I’ll ever use that mode, and currently I don’t even know how to get into it!  🙂

Well, there’s what I know so far.  Shortly I’ll be in the laundry room.  Then I’ll be folding.  And once that’s all done I think I’ll go out with the 5D and see what I can do with it!

Updates will be coming soon…….

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  1. May I be the first to say…………………………..

    you stink.

    J/k, congrats, can’t wait to see what you can do with that one!

  2. Lucky guess – that’s all. Have fun with the new addition to the family.

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