I’ve just gotta photograph those weeds!

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Christmas Eve after returning home from a fun family photo session (say that 3 times fast) I walked up into the Dells for a moment.  The light was amazing before sunset and the rocks had that lovely warm tone you see often here.  And as I was walking around taking in the light I noticed some cool little weeds that had created circles on their tops.  I got down on the ground and looked into them toward the sun.  How pretty!

What I didn’t do was race back to the Airstream to get my camera.  Instead I told myself to remember them and shoot them Christmas day right before sunset.

Well, yesterday was a relaxed and casual day.  Lego Micro Bus building, a little gaming, some good food…….and right as I was about to forget all about those weeds I looked into the Dells and saw that wonderful warm light again and remembered.  I gotta photo those weeds!





I know.  Strange behavior.  No Christmas trees, instead Christmas weeds.  But you know, I love how they’re lit.  🙂

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