Just a few things to do this morning…..Translation….my oh my I’m busy today!

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At it bright and early this morning.  A good deal to do.  Several paintings to shoot, and then found I was dissatisfied with my results so had to re-shoot.  We’ll see what I think of the results shortly.

On top of that?  Another large canvas is coming off while I type.

George and Marcia are certainly busy painters!

Yesterday I spent a while cleaning up George’s “On Top of the World.”  It’s a beautiful painting of two Navajo girls sitting in a rock formation.  The scan revealed a lot of junk on the 4×5 film positive, so I spent a good while cleaning things up.  Ran the proof, got George’s thumbs up, and set about printing a 34×48″ framers wrap for him this morning.  The canvas is slowly chugging out of the printer as I sit here.  Patiently waiting of course.

On Top of the World. ©George Molnar

George also brought in a newly finished piece by Marcia.  Woah, it’s amazing.  I shot it early this morning, then re-shot it 15 minutes ago because I found myself grumbling “hack” when I looked at the first set.  Sometimes you get it quickly in camera, sometimes you don’t.  A spurious light source created a few hot spots on the painting that showed up in the shot.  Hadn’t noticed the light source when I started shooting, so there you go.

If you haven’t noticed, spurious light seems to be everywhere these days.  I find myself working around it often.  And I’m sure you do too.  Without spurious light I wouldn’t need to worry about controlling for it, shoots would go quicker, color matching would be easier…..I’d have a simple life.  I’m thinking Congress and scientists from around the world should do something about it.  You know, form a commission, interview photographers and astronomers (light pollution really messes with those guys), spend lots of tax money……..

Sorry for that aside.  I got up too early today.

If you’d like to see how Marcia’s newest painting came together I’d suggest going to her website and watching the flash presentation on her main page.  It’s really cool!  I’ve rarely seen how painters pull something together, and watching the transitions on Marcia’s website was very enlightening.

One final aside.  I’m pretty proud to say Marcia and George print with me.  Means a lot.  And I think I’m as proud of running out canvases for them as they must be of their original paintings!  I know, just the repro man, but still.  🙂

More to do

Once I wrap up with George and Marcia’s pieces there’s still more.  A few touch ups on photo restorations I did the other day, working on my own files (someday), doing the book work……  Calibrating printers and monitors again today.  Testing out a new paper.  Writing up some advertising material…….

Ah, the life of a small business owner!

The Christmas season should be busy

Between teaching classes, doing print work, and trying to get some new work of my own done I have the feeling I’m going to be a busy guy.  Oh, and I’ll also be attending Joe McNally’s seminar in Phoenix December 7th! That’s right, Joe McNally will be in Phoenix.  I’m beyond excited to attend one of his live lighting demos.  Sure, I’ve learned a lot from his books and videos, but to actually see the man work through his process in person?

Pinch me!

So, what I’m saying here is it looks like things are going to get busier.  What’s that mean for folks reading along?  If you’re a client, or want to be a client, get here sooner rather than later.  Having a holiday crunch is inevitable.  Stop in early to avoid the rush, and rush jobs for that matter!  😉

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