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Okay, I’m not actually sitting back at all.  Today I’ve been busting tail on our latest client’s mobilized website.  Coming along nicely too.  It’s always good to see a project come together.  Of course, I started working on the site more this morning at 7:00 a.m., took lunch and time to talk with a neighbor from 11 to 1, and have been plugging away since.  Just about 8 hours of network time so far, and I’ll keep working for a few more hours.

Sometimes being a type A, “get it done, and done right,” is exhausting.  But the progress we’ve made yesterday and today is great.

While working on the site I checked the web statistics and I’m just pretty darned amazed.  Today the client site has had 296 unique views.  Not bad.  What caught my attention was the referrals they’ve had today.

  • 24 Referrals from Google
  • 6 from RV Park Reviews
  • 2 from Elmonterv.com
  • 2 from Yahoo
  • 2 from KingmanArizona.info
  • Then a handful of single referrals from different places.

I have to say, the stats are jiving with what I’ve seen at other client locations.  Google dominates the referrals, and therefore organic searches are bringing clients right to RV Parks’ doorsteps.  And right behind Google is RVParkReviews.com.  That site seems to drive traffic to RV Parks like nothing else.

Honestly it’s pretty clear to me, mobile net is the wave of the future for finding parks.  Now, if only all park owners understood that and re-directed their marketing dollars toward what is driving their revenues!

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  1. I am assuming you have been working on this site

    If so, sweet.

    My only quibble would be this part:

    An Adult RV Park Atmosphere – No Train Noise – Full Hook Up’s – 30/50 Amp – Cable TV – WiFi Hotspot is “Free to Overnight Guests” – Wide Pull Thrus – Paved Roads – Gravel Sites – Best “Private” Shower Rooms in the West

    It could be clearer, perhaps bullets rather than hyphens, or better yet, distinct columns of your bulleted items.

    Sweet sweet.

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