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Please note, this is not a political blog, flames are not necessary.  What I’m posting here is a plain and simple fact.  This isn’t about any party in power in the U.S.  I just want to share that real people are being impacted in a way that we were told wouldn’t happen.

Today I received a follow up notice from my health care insurance company.  Months ago I was informed that one of my policies would not be renewed due to the new healthcare legislation.  Then my premiums got bumped for the same reason.  But I had read in multiple articles that policies would not be dropped, and that there were items in the works.

Well, today some of my mail caught up with me.  One of the difficulties of traveling.  I opened one letter from my insurance company and read the following:

Insurance CancelIn 2006 I was misdiagnosed with an auto immune issue.  And I’ve been paying for that mistake ever since (I didn’t make it……6 different doctors did).  Good luck getting it off of my records!  I’d need a legal team.  That misdiagnosis cost me my marriage, retirement savings, my home, and my security and stability (and no, I never sued anyone….there’s a long line of folks who ignored my medical issues and I don’t even know where to begin).  All through the hard times I maintained my health insurance and always made sure to have proper coverage after the hell I went through no matter what it cost.

I have a call with my insurance agent tomorrow to see what we can replace my plan with.  I already know it will cost more, and as a small business owner I can tell you that my current plan is my LARGEST monthly bill (people always tell me to reduce my overhead….is that code for drop my insurance……).  I will say this.  The only sure jobs today with retirement options and assurance you’ll be okay are government jobs.  When did we go from a country of entrepreneurs to a country of folks who want bureaucratic jobs?  And if we all become bureaucrats, who is left to produce anything here?

No flames folks.  You can’t argue this, it’s real.  And it’s getting under my skin, and more than a little discouraging!

And on a sad note, my provider didn’t even do a grammar check.  I mess up often on this website, but that’s because I write “stream of consciousness style”.  Second to last paragraph should read, “Enclosed is a receipt showing the refund.”  Man, they must be sending too many of these letters to pay attention.

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  1. Proofreading is a lost art. If it passes spell check in the word processor, it’s good, even if it makes no sense.

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