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Everywhere you look folks are reviewing IPads.  Amazing little devices.  And have you seen all the other tablet products splashing on to the market?  Yeah, it’s a phenomena!

Well, I’m not here to talk IPad today.  Instead I’m giving a hats off to my IPod Touch and IPhone.  Yup, I finally got an IPhone.  And sorry to say to my old co-workers at AT&T, but mine is on Verizon…..  I’ve been waiting forever to get a Verizon IPhone and months ago it came to pass.

AT&T coverage around here?  Not so hot.  And I should know a thing or two about that given I ran networks in my second life.  First life, economist, second life, network engineer, now I’m on to photographer / printer.  What will I be next?

Last year as my tech present to myself for 2010 (yeah, I don’t get new tech like I used to back in the day) I picked up an IPod Touch 4th Gen.  Almost all the features of the IPhone.  Very cool.  And since it’s purchase I’ve had it on me every day.  Schedules, music, e-mail… name it.  Not to mention a couple of fun YouTube videos shot while up in the Vermillion Cliffs.  Great device!

Finally though, the IPhone for Verizon came to market.  And I was 9 months over due for my phone upgrade with Verizon.  Given how much I love the IPod Touch I had to get the IPhone.  And since getting it I’ve become addicted.

As a Mac user I love how it syncs everything via  When I get home the schedules I’ve loaded are on my home machine.  Same with the work system.  And the IPhone and IPod Touch are synced too.  Basically I can’t forget an appointment.  Maybe I should get IPhones into a few of my customers’ hands……  Hmmmm…..  🙂


Recently a few friends were discussing all of these smart phones.  One stated they didn’t use most of the features on theirs and they wondered if it was overkill.  They went further to ask if anyone really used everything on an IPhone.  The other friend quickly stated, “Oh, Rich uses everything on his.”

Yup, I do.

What extra apps do I have?

  • Splice:  The coolest little video editor ever for the IProducts.  It’s on the Touch and Phone.  I’ll be posting more travel videos as soon as I get out of Dodge.
  • Easy Release:  I think I read about this over at Terry White’s blog (great blog by the way).  Super simple model release form.  And yes, on both devices.
  • Allergy Allert:  I still have some allergies.  And when I feel like garbage this app verifies why!
  • Pocket Constitution:  You know, for when people say dumb things.
  • HoldEm:  Hey, I get to recreate too.
  • Facebook:  Great app.  I get to check in from the office, reminding people they should come here and spend money.  Hey, come here and spend money.
  • WordPress:  Very slick, easy to use app.  Comments to the blog seem to get approved more on the IPhone than on my computer now.
  • Lose It:  Yeah, I gotta shed 15 pounds.  Very cool free app that lets you know how bad my Pop Chips really are for me……  🙂

Well, there’s my app list.  Everything else on my portable Apple devices also gets used.  Contacts, mail, calendar, web browser……you name it.  Better than the day runner I use to carry everywhere.  Best part?  The IPod Touch has a ton of video on it.  So if I really need to tune out I can watch Cowboy BeBop, Futurama, Boondocks, and more……..

Now, no IPad yet.  The day I hear that there’s a “Lightroom” app and I can offload my camera to the IPad I will be selling off whatever I can to get one.  Until then, all set here.  But I do admit the IPad is cool.

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  1. You can offload your RAW files to an iPad. You can’t do anything with them but you can offload them. 😉
    The iPad is fun, but I could never justify the cost when I already have an iPhone.

  2. There are quite a few photography apps for iPhone/iPad. Terry White’s two sites for apps and tech stuff are a good source for reviews and recommendations. I just bought PhotoSync that you might find useful, but best on the iPad because of the greater real estate. Also, Apple has an app called Gallery that links to MobileMe Galleries. Way cool and useful.

  3. Thanks for sharing your apps. Just got the iPad 2 and I’m loving it. Always on the lookout for good apps.

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