Lightroom 3 Beta and some initial experiments

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A photo exported from Lightroom 3 with a very light watermark. How cool is that?

Years ago when I received my first copy of Lightroom from a friend I didn’t jump at the chance to try it out.  When I finally did, my photo management and workflow changed forever.  You can call me a confirmed Lightroom junkie.  It’s probably my favorite photo application.  Actually, I just thought about it, and it is my favorite.

When the Lightroom 3 Beta was announced recently I ran out and downloaded it immediately.  I’ve got it loaded on the gallery Mac, not on my laptop yet though.  The laptop is feeling over tasked you know.

Recently I’ve started experimenting with the beta release, and I can tell you I’m excited.  I thought my workflow was already pretty tight, but Adobe has added things that really have me feeling happy.  Specifically, the new print management module now allows me to create fully customized layouts.  I’m not stuck with columns and rows that are fixed sizes!!!  Do you know how much paper and canvas that’s going to save me?  And that impacts the bottom line of my business!

Several other new toys and slick features have been added to Lightroom, and I’m not going to get into all of them today.  Rest assured, next week I’ll give you one of my extra long posts with a full assessment of the new application.  This is one of those times when I don’t mind getting super detailed, there’s a lot of minor tweaks that result in some major improvements for me.  So, check back in soon and I’ll give you my 2 cents.  🙂

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