Little Airstream on the prairie

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Yes, when I was a kid I watched Little House on the Prairie.  Who didn’t?  🙂

Today as I was reaching my limit for driving I started looking ahead to the next campground to stop at.  Once again there was very little offered by the Garmin on my path.  So I broke out the IPhone and took a look on Allstays.  And what was 28 miles away?

The Laura Ingalls Wilder RV Park in Mansfield, MO.

The park is under brand new ownership.  Literally it was sold this year.  And upon meeting one of the new owners I think the park could have a very bright future.

Of course, the park has been around for years.  Updates are needed, but they’re already starting into them.  The owner told us he knows there’s a lot to be done, and he’s digging in to be sure.

With multiple pull through sites, back in sites, and tenting, visitors to the area will find a beautiful, green, maintained place to over night or stay for a few days!

I just wanted to post about the campsite before passing out.  Today was a long one to be sure, and I’ll be hitting the pillows early tonight!

A little lazy tonight, so took a quick snap with the IPhone.

A little lazy tonight, so took a quick snap with the IPhone.

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  1. When you visit us here in the Mother Lode, I will take you to the “school house” from Lil house on the prairie. That was a long walk for Laura Ingles and them as this is in California.

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