Manchaug Pond

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My early childhood memories of summer can be summed up in two words.  Manchaug Pond.IMG_0514

Family, friends, swimming, cook outs, toasted marshmallows, Mem & Pep, water skiing, canoeing, sailing, windsurfing, UNO, sun burns, tanning with baby oil (I didn’t do that), and so much more.  Manchaug Pond has been a place since my birth where the Charpentier and Bachand family spent their summers.  And it still is today.  IMG_0511

Yesterday I spent a good bit of my time with Aimee (my sister) and her husband Myles.  And of course, with their three sons.  They have a small home on the lake, and their 3 boys are getting all those summer experiences I remember so fondly.  Another generation of kids who will have great memories.







So far my much needed vacation is going well.  And I’ll be writing more and photographing more…..but right now I’m a little worn out.  Yesterday was a busy one, dinner lake front, playing UNO and Connect 4, getting a hair cut, running around in boats.  Ah, vacations…..they wear you out too.  I’ll catch up with myself today and post something more interesting soon to be sure.


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