Memorial Day Weekend Travel – Sitting Tight

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_MG_3905_6_7HDRWeeks ago when I was planning this trip across the country I completely forgot about Memorial Day Weekend.  When it finally struck me that it was this weekend I adjusted my plans.

See, I know everyone will be getting out on the road.  Heading off to their favorite park for a fun weekend.  And for those of us traveling cross country that could make for some problems finding places to camp overnight.

Instead of trying to compete for campsites I decided to look ahead, plan a good spot to stop, and stay put for a few days.  And I think it’s a good plan!

So, the Airstream is currently parked at Cheney State Park, KS.  It’s a nice park to be sure.  Beautiful lake, pretty quiet (well there is thunder in the distance), pleasant neighbors so far.  All good!

The stop over gives me some time to wrap up a few items for clients.  2 videos to edit, and one photo shoot from last December to edit as well (the client just got in touch).  The park has 4G LTE so I’m all set on network.  And right now with bad weather rolling in it forces me to wrap up the work rather than enjoy the lake!

I hope everyone has a fun and safe Memorial Day Weekend.  Break out your grills people!

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