Monsoons, meet 4th of July weekend……

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4th of July weekend, meet monsoons!

This morning I woke up to beautiful blue clear skies.  I came into town early to avoid paying to park in the public garage, popped into the gallery to set up some print work, and then I wandered out on to the square to watch the Children’s Parade.  It’s a tradition here in Prescott and kicks off the Fourth of July Weekend.

Big puffy clouds were building before 10:00 a.m.  They formed fast……..And then they did their thing.  Major downpour!

Welcome to Monsoon season gang!

We’ve got a packed house here at the gallery for the moment.  Folks trapped by the rains who are looking to avoid kayaking out of here.  Maybe we should do a special downpour sale.  1 Canvas for every half hour we keep you dry…….

parade (2 of 1)

Blue skies, puffy clouds.....the perfect day for a parade!


hourlater (2 of 1)

One hour later we're considering kayaking Goodwin Street!

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