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MPix has got to be one of my favorite businesses on the web.  I’m sure a few folks who know what MPix is are scratching their heads right now.

Isn’t MPix an online printing service?  And aren’t you a printer?  They’re your competitors, right?

Yes, they’re an online printer.  And yes, I suppose they’re a competitor, but in a big far away sense.  They do a great job, and there’s nothing keeping me from saying so, even if my business does the same thing as their business.

In preparation for the upcoming show I’ve placed a few orders with them.  My 5×7 mini prints are a pain to print and I refer clients to MPix when they want to do the smaller prints.  I’ve got a lot of other printing to do, and they turn around orders really fast.  And they can print on Kodak Metallic paper.  I love the metallic mini prints!  Plus you submit an order to them one day, and if you like they’ll have it shipped to you the next day.

Pretty cool.

Personally I’ve been using MPix for a year.  Impressed with every order they’ve fulfilled for me.  And I’m glad to tell folks about them.  Heck, they even do gallery wraps now up to 24×36″.

Another thing that makes me happy about them is our similar pricing structure on the canvas side.  Amazingly enough I’m a little less expensive than they are on canvas, and that’s amazed me.  And I made my canvas pricing before they started offering theirs.  Nice to know I did the right thing on my own pricing structure.

So, if you don’t live in Northern Arizona and youv’e got to get custom photo prints quickly check them out.  If you live in the area pop by and see me.  And remember, I do print larger than 24×36.  🙂  Someday I hope to be as big as MPix and really call them a competitor.  It’s always good to compete with another good company!

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  1. I’ve been looking for a printer for my art and this looks like a fabulous solution!

    In Tucson on the 8th. CAN’T WAIT!



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