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Today’s going to be a busy one.  Actually it already is.  I’ve been in the shop since 8 a.m.  A lot to do.

While I wait for a canvas to come off I thought I’d fill you in on what a busy day looks like here, and some of the types of folks I deal with on a busy day.

Raina Gentry – Paintings, prints…..more

Honestly, I don’t even know how to classify Raina’s work.  You know it when you see it?  Yeah.  When I see something by Raina outside the studio I do know immediately, “That’s Raina!”

Yesterday Raina popped in to order two new canvas reproductions of her originals.  Some pretty neat stuff.  And the second canvas is coming off now.  It’ll be veneered tonight, and ready to stretch tomorrow morning.  The canvases are already sold, so trying to get them out for Raina’s clients as quickly as possible.

© Raina Gentry

© Raina Gentry

Russell Johnson – Landscape Paintings

Yesterday Russell dropped off three pieces to have imaged and color matched.  That’s been a good part of the morning now.  With luck I’ll have them finished out within 3 hours.

Russell is over at The Frame & I here in town.  He works with Ida, creates cool frames, and paints epic pieces from the Grand Canyon and other amazing locations here in Arizona.

©Russell Johnson

©Russell Johnson

Ian Russell – Water Color and now Oils?

Been working with Ian for a few years now.  And he’s been a water color guy for decades.  Now Dolores Chiappone has really turned Ian on to oils.  And he’s going nuts with them.

Sorry to say, I’m not popping any of his latest up today.  You need to come by the gallery if you want to see what Ian has been up to.

More names, but no time……

Interruptions, clients, and phone calls have made this post take HOURS.  And now I’m behind.  So, gotta call it a post.

The rest of this week is going to be busy, so we’ll endeavor to do posts earlier, or late in the evening.



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