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New Video Tutorials and Stories Coming Soon

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We’ve had a busy and odd couple of months here at the Airstream Chronicles.  Several new client projects, a recent trip to Springerville Arizona to work with a new RV Park, and then the topper….an odd diagnosis for me medically.  Looks like I have Hashimoto’s Thyroid disease.  What is that and what’s it doing to me?  Not really sure, I learned about this less than a week ago.  As I learn more I’ll share it here.

Tutorials and videos coming back

Lets talk productive things, and we’ll leave the latest life issues on the back burner for the moment.

Over the years “Gadget’s Airstream Chronicles,” and later “The Airstream Chronicles Continued,” and finally, “The Airstream Chronicles,” has documented a lot about full time RV living, travel destinations, and stories from the road and from Prescott Arizona.  When I first hit the road in 2006 I began creating video podcasts of the places I visited.  Video podcasts today are common place.  In 06 it was pretty revolutionary.

After deciding to make Prescott my hometown over the years I started producing video tutorials for photographers.  Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, and other teaching videos were posted here.  Unfortunately I became disillusioned with the production of the video tutorials.  Hours, and often days of work to share information.  But no way to monetize the work.  This website had a lot of followers who stopped in looking for the latest tutorials on photography and photography software.  And when I stopped producing those tutorials I noticed a rapid decline in readership.

There is definitely an audience, even today with so many people producing videos about everything under the sun.  But with no way to get compensated for the work, the endeavor was shelved by me.

Changing times on YouTube

Recently there have been many changes when it comes to video podcasts.  YouTube has new methods to monetize work for people creating content.  And companies like Patreon have come along to help creators as well.  With all of that in mind, I’ve decided to start doing new tutorial videos and travel videos.

As RLC Design has progressed and grown into a viable business I’ve been producing a lot of video content “in secret.”  For every client we work with who wants to improve their overall online presence we create instructive videos.  Every month I find myself dedicating 20 – 30 hours on custom tutorials for customers.  And it struck me a few months ago that these tutorials would be of value to people who aren’t direct clients of RLC Design.

So, recently I signed up for a Patreon account.  And I’ve started work on new tutorial series for readers here and at RLC Design.  We’ll be producing some interesting teasers over the next few months, and for viewers who have an interest in our topics, they can become Patreon supporters and sign up for the full video series.

Aren’t there a lot of online tutorial websites?

There surely are.  I love Kelby Training (created by Scott Kelby), and really appreciate Lynda.com as well.  Between the two sites a lot of topics get covered.  But I believe we’ve got some interesting information to share here too.  Developing online presence strategies for clients over the years we really understand the tools we use, and have a proven track record getting our clients found online.  So we’ll be covering topics that will be of interest to people wanting to really reach more people online.  What topics will we be covering?

  • Building sites with WordPress – The basics.
  • Using WordPress and X Theme – Using ThemeCo’s X Theme to build amazing websites with WordPress.
  • Search Engine Optimization – So many people have heard of SEO.  Is it real, is it snake oil?  What does it take to drive more traffic to your website?
  • Image tools for your online presence – Taking a picture with your camera phone and tossing it up on your website might not be the best approach.  We’ll talk about image tools available today, and how to use them.
  • Social Media – How does it fit in with your online outreach program?  Tips and tricks to reach a few new followers each day through multiple social media platforms.
  • Working from an RV – The original tiny house.  Can you really work from remote locations and provide customers with desired services?
  • Photography Techniques for the Web – Compelling stills and videos can go a long way to getting potential customers’ interest.  We’ll talk a lot about images and videos that will grow your business online.
  • Special request topics – For our Patreon subscribers we’ll be doing monthly special videos on subjects they request.

Join us in our new direction

That’s a lot of information to digest I’m sure.  And there’s no better way to learn about what we’re doing than seeing it for yourself.  So I’m including several video links to demonstrate what we’re talking about.

Working from an Airstream Full Time

Point of Rocks RV Park (Client) Short Video Commercial


Lightroom for the road – A sample tutorial series using an older version of Lightroom

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