No coal in my stocking this year – Topaz Detail v1.1

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Late this afternoon I received a notice from one of the folks over at Topaz.  So did every other Topaz user out there.  One of those automated e-mail blasts to customers I suppose.  Sure, it would have been cool if I received an early heads up given I’m a proponent of Topaz products.  Maybe some day I’ll be important enough…..  🙂

Topaz Detail version 1.1 is out.  The big change?

It’s faster.  Much, much faster!

This is great news.  After toying with Detail for a while I relegated it to the “wait and see” box in my mind.  I loved the results I could achieve with the filter, I just hated the wait time.

Well, the folks at Topaz heard all of us out here in netland, and they responded quickly in my opinion.  Hey, re-engineering anything is a task.  Getting a plugin to be more than twice as fast in a few short month is amazing.  Way to go Topaz Development Team!  You guys rock.  Best of all, you listen to your customers and make improvements a priority.  I’m glad to say that I’m your customer!

I know, this post lacks images.  I played with the new version of Detail for my last hour at the gallery tonight, then I messed with it for another hour here at home.  Now that it’s responsive I have some further testing to do.  And I’ll post some image results here in the near future.

Big thanks to the folks at Topaz.  You gave me an early Christmas present that I got to unwrap early.  Can’t wait to show you the results.  I think this is now a great Photoshop filter.  Who needs Lucis Art?  Topaz seems to cover the gamut just fine!

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