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No more dining out

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For the second time in a month I got nailed by a food allergen.  This time it wasn’t a soy pizza, but instead a sandwich at a favorite old restaurant.  I think it was the bread.

Interesting thing that I recently learned.  Many types of dough (pizza dough for instance) has honey added to it.  I guess it works well as a preservative.  Unfortunately for me I’ve got a severe allergy to bee stings, and to honey.  It’s one of the bad ones.  And I think the bread my sandwich came on might have been the culprit.  No way to know for sure, didn’t bring any home and the Airstream is lacking a laboratory to work in anyhow (it’s already a mobile studio, can’t be everything).

So, Wednesday afternoon about 15 minutes after having lunch at an old favorite spot I found myself having difficulty breathing.  It went downhill from there.  And I knew what it was pretty quickly.  Fortunately I’m pretty familiar with having a severe reaction, so made it through.  But twice in a month?  Yeah, no more thank you.

It’s back to cooking at home 100% of the time.  I read the ingredients, prepare the food, etc.  After years of some pretty odd food allergies I’ve had very few major reactions.  Two in a month says to me that while having someone else cook is nice, it’s also not the best course in my personal situation.

Think I should start dreaming up some quick meals to replace eating out.  Maybe an Airstream recipe book for people with allergies….nah, I’ll leave that one to Larry!  He’s the super Airstream chef.

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  1. I often use foodly.com to search for recipes with the key ingredient as the inspiration for a potential meal. This site also has a without ingredient option to aid in the search. Happy feasting.

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