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Yesterday Scott Kelby’s guest blogger really got my attention.  Just a great post, and an interesting photographer and writer.

bookmarksSeriously, Guest Blogger Wednesday is killing me.  My RSS menu bar is full.  It’s an extended pull down at this point as well.  Don’t even ask me about the rest of my non-RSS bookmarks.  I’ve got more bookmarked pages and folders of bookmarks than I care to count.  Could I even say that I’ve got more bookmarks in my Firefox browser than I have books in the Airstream?  Yes, barely, but yes!

So, guest blogger Wednesday is destroying my life.  It leaves me with more great reading every week, and less time available to myself.  It’s an addiction.

Fortunately, it’s not a bad addiction.  Just check out yesterday’s guest blogger, The Pioneer Woman.  Great photography, great posts, and something a little different from your standard photo blog or Photoshop blog.

If you’re like me you’ll be bookmarking this blogger’s site for sure.  I’m still just getting into her site, and there’s a lot of back reading to do.

Thanks for the great resources Scott!

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  1. Congrats on your new shed! I have just started reading The Pioneer Woman and I am addicted. It is now on my favorites! Great reading!

  2. Thanks Mr. Gadget – I have been one the Pioneer Woman website for the past hour. I should probably get back to work…

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