Now that was a strange phone call

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I’ve been meaning to write about a call I received on Saturday.

“Post laundry” I headed into town to drop off some new marketing stuff at the gallery.  It had come in last week and I wanted to get it out as soon as possible.  New pricing and policy information for the New Year (yeah, I know I’m late on it).  As I was making my way into town my phone rang.  A Phoenix number was popping up that I didn’t know so I answered it.

“I need some help with image storage and e-mailing.”  That’s the first thing I heard picking up.  A woman’s voice.  No introduction, and I never did get her name.  I was a little confused by the request so I asked her to restate it.

“My Macintosh is out of space and I can’t store any more photos.  I took the computer to the Mac store and they told me it was an antique.  I was thinking about getting an IPad to put my photos on.  Maybe use this Cloud thing?”

We talked for a few minutes about her computer, the fact that she couldn’t upgrade it to the latest OS, what she could and could not do with an IPad, and storage solutions.  Portable drives, a new computer, and the realities of the IPad were discussed.  What I couldn’t figure out is why the Mac store dropped the ball on selling a new computer to this woman.  She didn’t know about IPhoto either for managing her photos.  Very strange.

In the end she thanked me for my input and popped off the phone as abruptly as she’d started the conversation.  And the call occupied my drive in right to the moment I was parking.

Tech support on the move?  🙂

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