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Last year prior to leaving WV / OH, I helped one of the field agents I was working with to build the structure of his new website.  Evan has a pretty cool hobby, and he wanted to share his love of the hobby with other folks that have a similar passion.  While he works in the gas & oil business by day, his free time is consumed with flying.

When I met Evan in 2013 he was waiting on getting his pilot’s license.  No small thing, and I was pretty impressed.  As we worked together and I got to know him, one thought stuck with me.  If I was running a wireless group again I would totally hire this guy.  Great work ethic, which was lacking in a lot of the folks I spent time with out there.

When Evan decided he wanted to create a side business around his hobby I thought it was a great idea.  And I sat down with him days before departing the area to build the core structure of his website.  He finished out the rest.  And yes, he’s taken months, but he wanted to get it right.

I’m happy to say today that Evan got in touch and has officially declared Off Airport Gear’s website is live.  About time Evan!  🙂

So, what’s the site all about?  And what is the gear all about?  Simple.  Bush pilot gear.  One of Evan’s passions is flying into places you wouldn’t normally think about flying to.  Cool farm field on a hill?  Yeah, they’ll fly there.  Sand bank along a river?  Sure, why not?

Evan isn’t the only person passionate about bush piloting.  There are clubs all over the country for pilots who like to fly a little different.  And Evan realized that there was no company out there catering to their passion.  So he started developing a product line.  It’s a small business, and a start up today, but I think in a few years time the product line will develop.  And then I can say I knew him when……

Check out his site.  The product line will be expanding, so be sure to bookmark his page.  And if you have a pilot in your life who thinks 300 ft is a big runway…well, get them some Off Airport Gear!

Evan and his new plane. Image courtesy of

P.S.  Evan recently bought a plane.  It’s his first.  And he’s going to need a little gas money!  So, show him a little love for taking a risk on what he loves to do!

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  1. Rich!!!!! Thank you for all the words of encouragement and all your help along the way. You are a great friend and I know that you will always be there to help me out. Oh, and Rich……..

    Thanks for pimping my gear!!!
    I love the Airstream Chronicles Continued!!!

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