One of those common bonds

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This morning a very dear friend texted me.  Her grandmother passed away this morning.  It’s a very sad moment of course, but it’s a moment that we can all relate to.  It sounds like her grandmother passed quietly, and after living more than 90 years I think that’s alright.

As we’ve spoken over the past week it reminded me of when my mother made the decision to go to hospice.  It’s always a hard thing to hear from a loved one that it’s done.  I think somewhere inside each of us we wish for just a little more time with them.  Eventually though the time extensions run out.

My heart goes out to my friend and her family.  And to anyone else who has suffered their own loss.  No matter how many times it happens it is always a sad moment to be sure.  You think this stuff would get easier as we get older, but I just haven’t found that to be the case.

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