Our National Monuments Project is on the mark!

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This morning while looking through some trending for our business site I came across some great information.  I was looking into searches for “RV Park”, “Camping”, “RV Campground,” etc.  And using Google’s trend analysis and their keyword planner showed me something about our “RV’ers Guide to the National Monuments of the Southwest,” that hadn’t occurred to me.

When looking at Google Trends I found that searches for RV Parks are dominant in the western states.  Montana, Idaho, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona…..they’re all in the top 10 when it comes to searches for RV Parks.  What does that mean?  People are looking for places to go with their RV’s in the West.

Arizona and New Mexico contain many National Monuments.  And travelers who are looking for RV Parks in these states are doing it because that’s where they’re vacationing and visiting.  Think of all the folks who go to the Grand Canyon every year!

Our National Monuments project was born out of the idea that visitors to the Southwest might want a few more options.  More to see, places with fewer crowds, and places that are as beautiful as the National Parks.  So, is there an audience for this book?  Oh yes there is!

This little bit of information just gave me so much more energy to continue sharing the project all over the Internet.  It’s more then worthwhile, and we’d really like to produce this guide for people interested in visiting the Southwest, and seeing something new and unique that they’ve never seen before!  And of course, you don’t have to be an RV’er for this guide to have value!

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  1. Rich
    While you are exploring the Cortez area have you seen this place and can you tell what it is? http://jimhamstra.blogspot.com/2010/06/jail.html
    I found it when we stayed in Cortez one night in our Airstream. It is south of Cortez where !60 comes into 491. If you take the dirt road to the west of 491 and go to the back of Chimney Rock there is this building with a 6 inch wood door and heavy metal slats on the windows. It appears to be old but no indication what it was.
    Cheers, Jim

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