Per Granny J’s Request…..The Lavendar Pit

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pit-1Ah, Granny J….this one is for you!

This morning, before we went into Bisbee once more, Sadira and I stopped off at the “scenic view” spot for the Lavendar Pit.  See, open-pit mining can be scenic!  After all, there was an official scenic view sign and everything!!!

And since I know that you get a kick out of the “sci-fi” like quality of HDRs Granny J, I decided to move this one into the “overboard” category.

Fortunately the sky worked with me.  A slight overcast, the sun trying to beam through the clouds, and all above an extremely contrasty spot.  The open-pit mining area.

Hey, I had fun shooting it!  Hope you enjoy your by request shot!  🙂

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  1. Now that is an open pit to conjure with (as you did!) I don’t know why people complain so much about open pit mines — they don’t destroy as much turf as a big suburban development does! Many, many thanks — you made my day, Rich!

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