Photo retouching in progress

Richard Charpentier Photoshop, RLC Design 1 Comment

Yesterday a new client came in with a few images.  Old images.  Abused and torn images.  You know, the kinds that can really challenge you on repair and restoration work.  And let me tell you, I’ve been doing a good deal of restoration work lately.

I thought I’d share an image in process, just so you can see the starting and mid-point.  When I’m finished with this one I’ll pop up the final result.

As you can see, I’ve been working the upper half of this image.  I still have more to do on the upper section as well, but first I’m addressing the major glaring issues.  Tears, folds, missing pieces.  Once the major issues are through I’ll go back and work the smaller folds and wrinkles further.  Photo restoration isn’t some quick snap fix gang.  It takes time, zooming into 200%, and lots of patience.  But every restoration I’ve done has been so important to the clients!  Restoring those important moments…..

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  1. Just curious – in a nutshell – how do you go about the restoration process?

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