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Places to go

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For months I’ve been compiling a list of places I want to go in the near future. Of course, these are all places I want to go hike and photograph. The best part, they’re all very close to where I now live.

Hitching up the Airstream isn’t a big deal. It’s only a few minutes to hook up. The bigger issue of course is reorganizing the interior. Remember, I’ve been full timing for a while now, getting too many “extras” and piling up books like nobody’s business. I suppose some of the items could be left behind if I were to take a trip. Maybe a Rubber Maid storage shed is in order….

Beyond the challenges of too many possessions, there’s one other road block. Work. Ah yes, there’s always that issue! 🙂

Even though there are a few road blocks I know for a fact a few trips are in my future. Where will I be going?

  • The Grand Canyon: I’m planning a hiking trip there for late September or mid-October. We’ll see what transpires.
  • Anza-Borrego: Another trip will be made February of 09′. I truly enjoy the scenery in Borrego Springs, Palm Canyon is a wonder, and the surrounding areas offer many interesting photo opportunities.

So, those are the realistic trip opportunities. The Grand Canyon is a mere 2.5 hours from “home.” Anza-Borrego takes about 6 hours to reach from Prescott. Not bad at all.

Other destinations within a day’s drive that I’d like to visit and photograph?

  • Joshua Tree National Park: One of the top climbing destinations in the US. It’s also a beautiful area. I quickly checked the park out while at Anza-Borrego the other year. I think I could wrap a stop in to Joshua Tree with my next A-B trip.
  • Zion National Park: I don’t think I need to explain that choice. 🙂 According to Mapquest the trip would take me approximately 6 hours. That’s just not too far at all.
  • Cortez Colorado: Ah, another old favorite stop. I could stand 2 weeks there once again. What’s in Cortez? Not too much, but it is a launching point to Mesa Verde, Hovenweep, and other interesting sites. In addition, Cortez is close to Durango, Colorado. In less than 7 hours I could be back in Cortez.
  • Canyonlands National Park: Just a short hop from Cortez, Canyonlands is a stop that I completely by-passed. Not once, not twice, but three times. Each time I traveled through the area it was just a bit too hot for an enjoyable visit. Clearly I should wrap a visit in with the Cortez visit.
  • West Clear Creek: This is a very local stop. Less than a 2 hour drive. But the hike itself could take up to four days. I need some time off! 🙂
  • Organ Pipe: Rich Luhr & Bert Gildart both had interesting visits to Organ Pipe. Bert created an amazing night photo that I’d love to try producing some day. Mine won’t be like his, but it could be interesting!

As I put this list down I realized there are many more places I’d like to visit. This is a good short list for the time being. Start working through this one first, then add items to the pile.

Anyone want to sub in at work for me while I run around with the camera??? Anybody???????

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  1. We (and hopefully the spring wild flowers) look forward to greeting you on your anniversary return to Anza-Borrego Desert State Park!

    BTW your web site and photos look great… good idea making a clean break from the previous server!

    We’ll be doing a meet and greet at Cabrillo National Monument this afternoon, but I’m hoping you have a moment to call me this evening… I have a technical question (re: getting VGA video from hp camera to MP4 format on computer, without losing the audio)… I promise to have the cell phone turned on this time!


  2. Thanks, Rich, for the comments about my night photo of Organ Pipe. Am still following your blog on an almost daily basis, though it’s harder when your flying and making hurried drives from one family location to another. This is the first time in about a week I’ve really had a chance to sit down by myself.
    Still, your blogs keep the photo interests high, and I’ll be looking forward to reporting on some new projects in about a week. Janie and I want to link up with you!!!!

  3. Hi — of places, of course, now thqt I’m just back from Alaska, I’ll nominate it — tho it is a 10-day trip just to get there if you’re driving!

    Otherwise, my recommendation for a local day trip is the Sycamore Rim trail. The water lilies ought to be blooming about now. It starts up near White Horse Lake in the Kaibab.

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