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Ah yes, the Airstream Chronicles has become a severely neglected blog.  Why, and what can be done about it?  The answers in today’s post!

Yes, my focus has been elsewhere

Sorry faithful readers, I know I’ve been missing.  Well, I haven’t really been missing, you’re just looking in the wrong place to find me.  You should check over at the business site, there’s a lot going on there.  Five posts this month alone.  And in September, 11 posts!  So, some of my posting energy has been directed toward business.  Hunting up new clients, writing about the realities of reaching out to potential customers online, and all my other boring geeky stuff.

My focus has also been on the recent bombshell regarding my health.  My food allergies have increased, not decreased.  The hope of ever having a peanut again in my life is out the window.  And moo-cow milk is just never going to happen again.  Provolone cheese?  A steak and cheese sub from Belly Busters in DeLand, Florida?  Never ever going to happen again in my lifetime!

Weeks ago when I received my new shocking list of allergies, and as many epi-pen refills as I want (I don’t want them) I was more than a little depressed.  I was getting retested in the hope of being able to have peanuts, and milk, and eggs……and so on.  Instead, a pretty hard slap in the face.

The dietary adjustment has been hard.  Wheat, soy, corn, milk, eggs, peanuts, sesame seeds, walnuts, fish, shell fish….and so many more items that I don’t even care to list.  I went through this back in 06′, and learned to live without a lot.  But the new list is so prohibitive as to be absolutely depressing.  Do you realize how many salad dressings contain soy?

So yes, in addition to working on growing my business I’ve also been forced to make radical (and very expensive) changes in diet.  Bleh.

On the upside, 12 lbs lost in a month. 

Marching on, just look for me

Bottom line, I still exist.  If you need your blog fix, and you don’t mind tech talk, head over to RLC Design.  I’m doing some pretty cool things there.  Or you can pop through any of my client sites.  I find myself doing regular updates for a few of them.  Recently we created a slick new video slider for The Frame and I.

I’ll be back on the blog more.  I’m through being really down about my food options narrowing, and I think I’m through the worst of it.  So you’ll see me in here more often again.  And maybe we’ll even have a new photo or two to share.  The Airstream Chronicles has survived a long time, and being temporarily a neglected blog isn’t the worst thing in the world.


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  1. Sorry to hear the other shoe has dropped on the allergy issue. It sounds awful to say I am thankful that my food allergies are pretty much confined to things laced with DDT (bad reaction to unwashed strawberries in 1959). Some meds, a bee sting or two away from death, but I can continue as a gourmand. Cholesterol and things that go placque! are on my nemesis list. The surgeons have done all they can for the ticker — the next event will be the last, I am told. So look on the bright side, Rich. Things COULD be worse.

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