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On the way to Canyon of the Ancients. No that’s not a dust spot in the sky, it is in fact a hawk.

I have yet to begin really processing images today!  Honestly I think I’ll be working into the evening on today’s photos.  Running around this morning and afternoon I kept saying “winner” as I selected scene after scene.  Well, if nothing else, it’s nice to get excited about what you’re doing and where you’re at.


Couldn’t resist the texture in the fields.

So, where was I today?  Hovenweep National Monument.  You know, the moment you say “National Monument” it seems to attract fewer people.  National Park has them lining up at the entrance.  Monument on the other hand immediately means fewer visitors.  And you know what that means to me?  I like National Monuments more because I’m usually at them all alone, or with a handful of people.  Today for instance?  Yeah, nobody was wandering around Hovenweep.  Good news for me, bad news for all the folks missing out on amazing places.


Entering Hovenweep from the visitors center you are immediately overwhelmed by the number of towers and structures into the distance.

The Canyon of the Ancients is an amazing place.  So many incredible ruin sites.  The history is pretty interesting, and if you take the time to stop by the Anasazi Museum you can learn a lot about it.  The big question always comes back to “where did they finally go?”


Hovenweep Castle

Aliens.  Totally aliens.  The Airstream needs to go to Roswell soon.  I can get to the bottom of it all.


A lone tower out on a point above the canyon

So honestly I’ve barely gotten into sorting and editing this evening.  But I can guarantee a few hours will go into the process.  I’m always amazed by how much there is to do every day when out on the road.  I’ve never been short on things to do, but I am always short on time to do them in.


A different angle on the Hovenweep Castle

Overall, a fabulous day to be out exploring!


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