Quick Edits, Cool Poster? My Whiskey Row Off Road Advert…..

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As I’ve been off loading images from today’s race I’ve also been editing files for a client.  Since Photoshop has been dug out this evening I decided to do a fast edit of one of my favorite shots from the day.  You know.  Cool little poster just to see if I liked it.  In between the other editing of course.  Busy guy here still!

Shooting the race yesterday and today was pretty cool.  Honestly I’d like to get to more locations along the route, and next year I’ll plan it better.  But I did manage to get a variety of angles on the riders.  One issue today?  The sun.  Almost directly overhead as the riders were coming through.  What’s that mean?  Well, shooting them directly usually left their faces in shadow.  See, they’re looking down, navigating and such, and I can’t yell out, “Hey, look up so I can get detail in your face.”  Yeah, that wouldn’t be a cool thing for me to yell out.

Even fighting the sun in the location I was shooting, I felt I came away with some great images.  A few really dramatic shots, and I think I relayed a good bit about the race just through the images themselves!

Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing a sliver of the Whiskey Row Off Road.

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