Racing to keep up with myself

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Ah, coming into the home stretch for Christmas.  Almost there.  Glad to say, I’m busy once more.

The “feast or famine” ups and downs of small business ownership is sometimes more than anyone can take.  Me for instance……I’m saying it gets unnerving at times.  Currently we’re in feast.  Upcoming shows for artists mean folks showing up needed stuff done yesterday.  Of course, being aware that the shows have been on the books for a while leaves me wondering why folks show up with 3 days to go……  Hmmmmm……  Combine that with holiday printing and portrait client printing and you’ll see why the blog has been quieter.

For quite a while now I’ve been in the shop at 7:00 a.m. (actually 6:45 yesterday) running the printer until I go home.  While the printer is running I’ve been photographing paintings, color matching, proofing, selecting portrait client photos, running those, etc, etc, etc.  I may just stay in business another month!  🙂  We’ll worry about the next month when it comes.

Applying what I’ve been learning

As I’ve mentioned here over the past few weeks, I’ve been on an aggressive off camera flash learning curve.  Actually, I have been all year.  But the past few weeks have seen a ton of new information coming in and being applied.  Fun, although exhausting.

Weeks ago I announced a special holiday season deal for folks wanting to do portraits with me.  That deal is almost up.  And I’ve had a fair number of bookings.  Each set of clients has been fun, and fortunately enough for me, they’ve been pretty darned photogenic! 

This weekend for example.  Several shoots on Saturday, one on Sunday, and then an experimental (ie not paid) shoot Sunday afternoon.  I’ve got to try out a few more new ideas that are racing around my head.  We’ll see how that shoot goes, and if I like it you’ll see it here next week.

So off to bed with me I say!

I’ll have thoughts of off camera flash, printing, color matching, and learning more racing through my head.  And if I forget something hopefully I’ve written it down in my notebook.  What would I do without the notebook?  In 2 weeks things will slow down again I’m sure, so I better enjoy the “feast” part of my business while I can.

Oh, and if you’re local looking to book a location portrait shoot, you’d better get in touch sooner rather than later!  😉

PS  None of the portrait shoots have been in studio.  I’d need a studio for that.  These are all location shoots around Prescott.  1 24″ EZY Box softbox on a monopod held and moved by one of my two amazing assistants!

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