Rainy days are good days to catch up on work

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The Arizona sky has been gray and full of raindrops.  It’s not the welcome I was looking for to be honest.  I was hoping for blue skies with some cool clouds here and there.  Instead, the sound of rain on aluminum is what I’ve been getting.  And that’s okay.  I’ve got work to do.

Not only am I working on two websites right now, I’m also working on my first stand alone IOS app.  While in WV / OH I created a database with an IOS front end, in addition to a standard web based front end.  Now we’re moving on and up to the creation of a strictly IOS app.  The app is a park manager for small mom and pop RV parks.  And progress is being made.  While I don’t think I’ll pop a demo up here, I might just pop up a video of its functionality when I’m done.

So, the rain is positive for my work.  Nothing else to do, might as well get ahead of your own schedule on the work front.

Back to “full-timing”

So far we’re up to 23 days of full time Airstream living again.  While on the East coast I couldn’t full time due to weather over the winter, so an apartment was rented.  What can I say?  Frozen water pipes don’t allow a lot of showers!

It’s been interesting to readjust to a tiny space.  Not having a horrible time with it, just sorting out needed items vs stuff that isn’t required.  Still settling in, but getting there.

I do have to say, it’s nice waking up in the Airstream again every day.  As I’ve said before, what’s really cool is that you wake up at “home” every day, but when you poke your head out the door you never know what you’ll see outside!  Fun!

The Holidays are just around the corner

As everyone has probably noticed, the Christmas music is on in all of the stores.  Fry’s is full of turkeys, cranberry sauce, and all of the other Thanksgiving fare.  And everywhere I turn I see stuff about Black Friday.

I went into Best Buy the other day to poke around, and ran into a few old friends.  One surprised me by saying that they will be open Thanksgiving Day as well as Black Friday.  That’s just wrong, so wrong.  I feel for them.

If you’re getting ready for the Black Friday madness and shopping for Christmas I have a great suggestion.  Shop online, avoid the mobs.  Maybe even stop by my MagCloud site and order a volume or two of my latest collection of favorite images!  A shameless plug coming from me?  Heck yeah, if the Airstream Chronicles is to stay on the road we’ve got to sell and generate revenue!


PAZ Volume II - Favorite Landscapes

By Richard Charpentier

96 pages, published 10/7/2013

Favorite images from 2007 through 2012. Landscapes from Arizona and Southern Utah.

And don’t forget about the first volume, Abandoned Places. I really do enjoy photographing ghost towns.  One of the things I should point out about that one, beyond the fact it was my first test publication with MagCloud, is that the volume contains many photos from The Vulture Mine that you’ll never be able to see again.  Building closures, the reopening of the mine, no more self guided tours……  I’ve got some classic shots from there that no other photographer will ever be able to do again (thanks to the closure of the Assay office).


Abandoned Arizona

By Richard Charpentier

36 pages, published 9/18/2013

Abandoned Arizona contains a series of my personal favorite images from the Ghost Towns and abandoned spots in Arizona. This collection was compiled from 2008 through 2012.

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