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Reactions from the recent Vulture Workshop

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Nancy decided to give the tub a whirl as well!

Ah, the feedback has been coming in from the recent trip to Vulture, and it’s all great stuff. Big thanks to the participants for their responses, really appreciated.

So, what have I been hearing regarding the Vulture Mine / HDR Workflow Workshops?

“I had a great time on the Vulture trip.  In two days I’ve learned more about my camera, software, Photoshop and Lightroom than I’ve learned in 3 semesters of digital photography classes….  Steve”

“Thanks Rich! Was a fantastic weekend and we learned so much : ) Keep us posted on the next session.  Doug & Nancy”

During the software segment of the workshop Nancy made a funny comment….”My brain is on overload with all that you can do.  I can’t wait to get home and start trying this out.”

We had a great day at Vulture to be sure!

So far we’ve seen 100% happy clients on the workshops that I’ve done.  I’m looking to keep it that way, so we’ll be keeping the formula the same.  Small group sizes, one on one attention, working through setups together, and addressing questions even if they’re not related to the subject matter.  When one person has a question it’s a pretty easy bet that other participants have the same question.

You know what’s best about doing workshops with other photographers?  I have a great time too.  See that “ah ha” moment when a concept clicks is extremely rewarding.  Seeing the light bulbs go off when people realize what they can do with their images……like the Visa commercial……Priceless!

Thanks to all the recent participants on the workshops.  You guys have helped me expand my own thinking about how I shoot and what I shoot.  And that’s a bonus that I receive that I didn’t anticipate.  🙂

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