Rest & Relaxation by the pool

Rest & Relaxation Airstream Style

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Golf isn't my idea of Rest & Relaxation

For some, practicing putting is rest & relaxation…..

June has been busy.  We’ve done an epic push (yes I used the word epic) to re-design 3 Arizona Resort communities’ websites over the past month.  And we’re not done yet.  But we are taking a break!  It’s time for a little rest & relaxation at the Airstream.

When we work on sites for clients we normally travel to their location, learn about their business, work directly with the ownership and staff, and spend 6 days straight on the site development.  While working with our clients we also produce video training series specific to their websites.  That part normally occupies almost a day of my time.  Finally, when we’re set we do a training session for a day as well.  And as I said, we’ve worked through three this month.  So yes, R&R time.  Next Monday we start into the next 4 sites.

Our Rest & Relaxation For The Weekend

Prescott Bluegrass Festival Rest & Relaxation!

Prescott Bluegrass Festival

Mostly I’ll be taking it easy personally.  But I will head into Prescott tomorrow for a little bit.  The Bluegrass festival is this weekend, and I really enjoy listening to folks play, watching the pickup groups come together, and enjoying a laid back fun atmosphere.  And yes, you read right…..the Bluegrass festival is this weekend in Prescott.  Forgot about it eh?  😉

Other plans?  New Frontiers (aka Wholefoods) had a sale on some pretty awesome steak this week.  So there’s an awesome meal chilling in the fridge.  Not sure if we’ll do that tonight or tomorrow night.

Another part of my rest & relaxation routine at the Airstream?  A little cleaning and reorganizing in the Airstream.  I know that doesn’t sound like fun, but for me it is.  I’m still working out our new workspace arrangement.  We’ve got more storage than ever, and I haven’t even fully filled in the new desk’s storage.  So I think a little “spring cleaning” is in order, even if the temperatures are heading for 100 this weekend, and that doesn’t feel much like Spring……

Finally, I’ve got some catch up work over at Living in Tin.  I have several videos and stories that need to be finished off, and I think I’ll take the opportunity to do that as well.

4th of July in Prescott

Don’t forget the 4th of July is coming up! I’ll be watching the fireworks from the Granite Dells

Oh, and one more thought…..We’ve been hearing from a lot of potential clients over the past few weeks.  Thanks for getting in touch everyone!  We are completely booked for the month of July.  If you’d like to get on our schedule for August, get in touch sooner rather than later.  We’d like to plan a trip in August into CO, UT, or WY, and if we do we’ll be working around our client schedules.  We’re only going to take 2 new clients in August in order to have a little more rest & relaxation!

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