22 Foot Airstream

Resting up at the airstream

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Next week is going to be a bit busy. That’s a good thing. See, the summer months are hard on my business. July and August leave me wondering why I stay open.

July proved painful. August had a rough start, but…… Next Saturday I’ll be shooting for a half day. Sunday I’ll be editing. Next Monday a morning and evening shoot for a magazine cover.

This week already holds a few print clients too. That’s good. Normally the business pays for itself and sometimes pays me. Going forward it has to always pay me…..

Given I’m about to have a busy week I decided to lay low at the Airstream today. Cleaned like a maniac. I still smell bleach and I’m sitting outside. Then I read Rangefinder magazines for a bit. Getting some ideas for next week. After reading I put the audio book “hitchhikers guide to the galaxy” on. Love those books.

At some point I dozed off for a nice nap!

Now? Sitting under the awning watching the sun sink, and blogging from the iPod. 😉


Photo shot with the iPhone. 🙂

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